Want to join the network?

Would you like to have a show on SoFloRadio? Well there is some very easy steps in doing so, and a few ways we can have your show live on our network or pre recorded for our network.

We have producers on hand to handle the production for you incase you’re not tech savy, and can’t or don’t want to handle that task on your own, and all you want to do is entertain your audiance, and guest. Prices do range for those who want to join but it’s much much less than any other company on the net which leaves you on your own, and makes you do a ton of things which would become discouraging for most. So prices what are they, and what do I get? Well here it is… IF your a self producing podcast we simply ask for $10 a month for a timeslot on t he network for 4 episodes per month that each episode runs from 2 to 3 hours long. For $15 you can add either 2 more episodes same 2 to 3 hours long. For those who need a producer we simply as for $25 for the same 4 episodes, and $30 for the extra 2 shows. Simple enough right? Now if you want a week long slot of say 7 nights, and want anywhere from 2 to 4 hours in show time we have that for $50 if you self produce, and $80 if you need a full time producer. This covers all storage of your shows on our cloud and give you full range of coverage on podcasts sites like “iHeart Radio,” “Spotify,” “iTunes,” “TuneIN,” “SoundCloud,” “Radio.com,” “PSN Radio,” and here “SoFloRadio.” So if you’re in the SoFlo area contact us, and let’s make your broadcasting dreams come true, and hey even if you’re not from South Florida! But you want to broadcast our sister network PSN RADIO will have a time slot waiting for you.

So click here, and let’s get started…

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