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Mission Statement
Radio that you miss, has returned! SoFloRadio is a new interactive radio experience. Giving back to the radio listening audience, what was mismanaged away from them. Rising above the floundering remnants of terrestrial radio, SoFloRadio delivers a variety of entertainment. The station features a line up comprised of radio industry veterans with over thirty years combined radio broadcasting experience.

As the phenomenal growth of listener ship points out, we do what terrestrial management has forgotten about give the audience what they want. No group monitoring or consultants allowed here. The audience tunes in to be entertained, informed, and help quicken the pace of their day.Created by a group of recession entrepreneurs, SoFloRadio provides quality production and well balanced air time to prospective advertisers at amazingly low rates.

Serving locally targeted markets anywhere in the United States, Europe, Canada and the world!

SoFlo Radio was created by the longtime producer, and on air talent the late Jorge Rodriguez who is in his own right someone who should be in the radio hall of fame. While he did give the speech for the late Neil Rogers when he was introduced into the HOF. Jorge spent the better part of two decades working with Neil on three stations here locally in South Florida.

They spent years creating some of the best radio you would ever hear broadcasting on daytime AM radio, and it didn’t matter who you were or where you were from if you loved Radio you knew Neil & Jorge. IF you lived in Miami than you REALLY knew who they were. They dominated the market like none before or since, and when 2009 came around Neil’s health started to decline, and Jorge was let go from the station in order to cut cost as they stated.

A short time later Neil had enough and retired… Sadly his retirement wasn’t much fun, and we lost him shortly after. Jorge decided to continue his radio career online, and brought with him such names like Boca Brian who now is known as Britney Summers, Brian London, Joe Castello, Suds Coleman, Alan Michaels, and so many more who joined them to help give birth to SoFlo Radio!

The idea was to house the first online radio station that’s main purpose was to give a home to local talent who wanted to broadcast but didn’t have the studio, tech ability or perhaps the given supporting cast to make their shows come to life. Jorge knew that with his own network he couldn’t be censored and was able to speak his mind like he wanted… He could also continue to do what he did best! And this was being one of the best producers, and on air hosts in the entire state.

He really was one of the most talented, yet underrated, and sadly under appreciated personalities the world of South Florida radio has produced, and I’m not kidding folks. The man was amazing to watch work. Much like Neil he had a talent for making something out of nothing, and making things not just entertaining for the listeners but also for those involved with the shows live on air. We lost Neil Rogers a decade ago, Suds Coleman a year ago, and sadly this July 3rd 2020 we lost Jorge himself… Everyone at the station their families are devastated as you could imagine as he was our friend, mentor, and to two young girls a father.

We have decided to keep the network running to honor the memory, and legacy that Jorge started, and hope that we could fulfill his dream in making SoFloRadio the top “South Florida Online Network” around.

Please continue to support us as we move forward past 2020, and again work to make Jorge proud.

Thank you!

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